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Grand Hotel Villa de France by BlueBay

Grand Hotel Villa de France by BlueBay *****

Emblematic hotel of the city with spectacular views of the Medina and the Bay of Tangier. The building dates from the late seventeenth century and has the charm of the colonial era, but refurbished with all the comfort of a modern 5 stars.

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Le Royal El Minzah Hotel

Le Royal El Minzah Hotel *****

Le Royal El Minzah Hotel ***** is one of the most famous and emblematic hotels in all of North Africa. It is located in the heart of the city of Tangier and has five stars. It combines European luxury and comfort in its 140 rooms, together with the millenary spirit and tradition of Arab culture.

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Hotels in Morocco

One of the jewels of North Africa, a holiday in Morocco has something to offer anyone looking for an unforgettable trip. Morocco offers stunning beach holidays, cultural city breaks in Tangier or Marrakech and even trekking in snow-capped mountain ranges. The 5 star hotels in Morocco are also amongst the best in the world... and we know something about fantastic hotels!
A stay at an all-inclusive Morocco resort gives you an insight into the unique mix of European and Arab cultures. Explore the souks and narrow streets of the Medina by day and then retreat to picturesque gardens for sunset before enjoying some traditional Moroccan cuisine in one of the countless restaurants and cafes that populate every city. The city of Tangier is hugely popular with tourists looking for a holiday in Morocco. Located directly across the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier can be reached in as little a s 30 minutes by ferry.

Hoteles en Marruecos

Where to Stay in Morocco

BlueBay is proud to own and operate some of the finest all-inclusive hotels in Morocco. The Grand Hotel Villa De France and the Le Royal Minzah are two of our newest all-inclusive Morocco hotels and are both located in the beautiful city of Tangier. Enjoy fine dining, opulent surroundings and top quality facilities while staying in one of Africa’s finest countries. Book today for the best deals on an all-inclusive hotel in Morocco.

Hoteles en Marruecos

Things to do in Morocco

There are countless things to do in Morocco, a land that contains the Sahara desert, mountain ranges, stunning coastline and everything in between. The Atlas Mountains run through the South East of the country and have walking, skiing and cycling facilities.

Morocco is one of only three countries to have both an Atlantic and Mediterranean coast along with France and Spain. As a result, there are plenty of hotels in Morocco on the beach. The warm waters of the Mediterranean and the winds of the Atlantic create plenty of hotspots for water sports including surfing, fishing and scuba diving.

Morocco is famed for its souks and all cities have several to explore and buy local products such as spices, textiles and ceramics amongst everything else. They’re chaotic and overwhelming but also incredibly exciting and vibrant places to be.

Morocco Facts

  • Morocco is one of only three countries with both an Atlantic and a Mediterranean coast. The other two are France and Spain.
  • Couscous (seksou) is considered the Moroccan national dish and is typically steamed and served over a pot with a meat and/or vegetable stew.
  • The University of al-Qarawiyyin in Fes, Morocco is the world’s oldest continually operating university in the world having been established as a mosque in AD859

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