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BlueBay Hotels adds Hotel Safira Palms to its tourist offering in Tunisia

This establishment is added to Le Royal Hammamet *****, also in the same country & that BlueBay Hotels has been managing since 2016

| 05/06/2017

BlueBay Hotels adds  Hotel Safira Palms to its tourist offering in TunisiaThis addition is part of the group's 2017-2020 growth and international expansion plan, with which the company plans to increase its offering by close to 50% and have 60 hotels in 30 different destinations and more than 50,000 at the end of this period, including both its own properties and those it manages. According to Ramón Hernández, CEO of BlueBay Hotels, "Hotel Safira Palms **** joins our plan for growth by providing a new destination in southern Tunisia and setting up the brand's presence in the area." The hotel is located near the town of Zarzis, which is well known for its white sandy beaches and an abundance of palm trees.


A luxury destination in the south of Tunisia


The Hotel BlueBay Safira Palms**** is a resort located on the Ras Marmour beach, 12km from the centre of Zarzis and 46 from the Island of Djerba. In its surroundings, tourists can enjoy crystal clear waters, routes through the desert and breathtaking architecture in Matmata, Tamezret, Chenini and Douiret.


The hotel has 302 rooms and a range of bars and restaurants to choose from, La Palmeraie is the hotel’s main restaurant, at La Baie, guests can enjoy light dishes, and the Gourmet space serves local and international cuisine. Different shows are also on offer to entertain guests at the hotel with live performances at the Sabine Bar and the Baguet Bar putting on live music.


Safira Palms has a specially thought out architecture and services for guests to relax and unwind with pools for adults and children, a hammam and sports and fitness areas.

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مجموعة بلوباي ننافس على الجودة، والابتكار، والناس. نحب الناس ونعمل من أجلهم. بخبرة واسعة في قطاع السياحة والترفيه، تضم مجموعة بلوباي 27 فندق في 18 موقع. بها أكثر من 6500 غرفة و2600 عامل مقسمون بين إسبانيا والكاريبي، لنقوم على خدمتكم ملايين الليالي سنويًا. ولنا أربع علامات تجارية متميزة، تغطي كافة القطاعات والاحتياجات.