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In September the spanish company has signed a ‘joint venture’ with the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt and a consortium of international companies

| 03/10/2014

BLUEBAY GROUP WILL BUILD 100 HOTEL ESTABLISHMENTS IN EGYPTBlueBay Group has signed a ‘joint venture’ with the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt and a consortium of companies from Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy and Spain in order to undertake in the country a unique international project whose result will be the largest resort in the world. The Spanish company is a shareholder of the property, which will build the complex with 100 boutiques hotel establishments. The first phase of the project will begin operating in 2018.

Located in Marsa Alam, southeast of the country, right by the Red Sea and a few minutes driving from Marsa Alam International Airport, the hotels will be managed under BlueBay Group´s brands: Blue Diamond, Grand BlueBay, BlueBay Hotels & Resorts and BelleVue Hotel & Resorts.

The project will opt for a multiculturalism and diversity of folklore and customs from countries around the world. The hotels will be built in different architectural style. Some of the complex will be inspired on the Pharaonic architecture, Najdi, Hejazi and Andalusian. While other hotels will simulate European cities or traditional Polynesian bungalows on water. Some parts of the project will also focus on Spanish themes showing parts of its architecture and culture.

Similarly, numerous gourmet and haut cuisine restaurants from BlueBay Gourmet brand will offer visitors a wide range of dining experiences.

The large hotel complex will also feature a Spa and Wellness center, racecourse and horse livery service, business center, recreational and children's centers, theater, beach clubs and large outdoor areas with plazas, lakes and rivers inspired on Latin America and European styles.

In turn, the project will develop a large shopping center that will feature more than 300 stores with top luxury fashion boutiques, spacious dining area with a varied international cuisine and cinemas. The mall will have an influx of 30,000 people per day.

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