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BlueBay Clean & Care


.Our guests, employees, suppliers, and business partners are our main priority. For this reason, BlueBay Hotels has intensified hygiene and health safety protocols as part of its BlueBay Clean & Care seal of quality to guarantee the highest standards of protection.

Our Commitment

Keeping a safe distance (WHO), and maximum hygiene and safety measures are of the utmost importance in all areas of the hotel to prevent contagion by COVID-19.

Strict compliance with WHO recommendations and local regulations.

Local, known-origin, sustainable food.

Trained specialist staff equipped with hygiene and protection measures.

COVID Recepción


Hand sanitizer gel is available in the reception area. Check your temperature before entering and disinfect the thermometer after using it.

Maintain the safety distances marked on the floor.

Try to pay by credit/debit card or contactless (POS is disinfected after each use) in the reception, bars, and other areas of the hotel

You will only be served in your row and by one receptionist.


Reception desks are cleaned frequently to guarantee continuous disinfection.

Containers are placed for you to deposit keys and are cleaned regularly with a sanitizing spray.

We ask that you always move in one direction; directions are indicated throughout the hotel.

Use the pedal bins with a lid that are placed throughout the complex.


A member of staff will tell you if you can enter the restaurants or not depending on the maximum capacity at the time.

Staff are provided with disposable gloves and/or disinfectant wipes if they need to transport a guest’s luggage.

Reusable masks that can be washed up to 20 times are available at reception.

COVID Restaurantes


The necessary distance of 2 metres is guaranteed.

Signs showing maximum capacity are displayed. A member of staff will be at the door to ensure the rules are implemented.

Sanitizer gel dispenser at the entrance. For your peace of mind, all plates and cutlery are washed at > 60°C.


Doors are left open in all passageways, provided the guests’ safety is not affected.

Dining areas and restaurants that have to be open for reasons of climate control are aired daily after each change of shift and service.

Tables and chairs are disinfected after each use.


Vending machines are located in specific areas to ensure safe distances can be maintained.

Sanitizer gel dispensers are placed in the immediate vicinity.

Reception will let you know if you need to take turns in the restaurants and cafes.


Cutlery and plates are left on the trolleys and disinfected several times a day.

Cutlery and plates are kept in a safe, enclosed place. If you need anything, just ask.

Menus (with QR codes for room service and drinks) are placed inside glass containers to avoid direct contact.


In the specific case of buffets, formulas such as the assisted buffet with protective screen, individual plating and/or covered single-servings (also with protective screen) are all implemented.

Respect the queue and social distancing to access the buffet area.

Commonly used items and equipment (cruets, drinks dispensers, sugar sachets, etc.) and other decorative elements have been removed

COVID Vestuarios


Staged entry and exit. Avoid crowds.

Maintain a minimum distance of 2m if not wearing a mask.

Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Wash your hands with water and soap or hydroalcoholic gel before and after using the changing room.

Leave the door open after you have changed to ensure the renewal of air.

COVID Piscinas


Management and maintenance programmes in recreational water spaces are strictly observed and remain unchanged from regular procedures.

Daily cleaning and disinfection. Surfaces that are touched often such as walkways and handrails are cleaned and disinfected at least 3 times per day.


Visible signage with the hygiene and prevention rules, stressing the need to leave the facilities if you are showing symptoms compatible with COVID-19.

Spatial distribution in the pool area to ensure a safe distance of 2m between users, with signs to limit space marked on the floor. All personal items should be kept in closed bags, and within the 2m safety perimeter.


Water points and the showers in the changing rooms cannot be used.

Before opening, the hotel complex has been cleaned and disinfected, paying particular attention to closed areas such as changing rooms and bathrooms. Equipment and materials adjacent to and in the swimming pool area such as glass, lane ropes, auxiliary material for classes, perimeter grids, first aid kits, lockers and anything else the users touch have also been cleaned and disinfected.


Sun lounger area: Maintain capacity limits to comply with the minimum safety distances of 2m.

Sun loungers are cleaned and disinfected after each use, along with the shower, steps, areas outside the pool and the surroundings. Notices show how often the area has been cleaned, dates and times, products used, and the name of the person who has disinfected the area.

COVID Habitaciones


Rooms are cleaned and aired every day. Rubbish is removed daily, and everything must be deposited in a single pedal bin with a lid in the room. We kindly ask for your collaboration.


Special attention is given to the following:

Airing of the rooms.
Replacement of towels and bed linen.
Cleaning of walls, floors and ceilings.
Cleaning mirrors and windows.
Cleaning furniture, equipment, and functional decorative elements.
Cleaning any surface or equipment with a high level of use/contact.

Dirty laundry is put into bags before being left in the cleaning carts.

COVID Piscinas


Staff are trained with all the necessary safety measures to manage waste removal.

Rubbish is safely collected from the common areas in sealed bags and is taken to the waste collection point.

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