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BlueBay Colle della Trinità Perugia

BlueBay Colle della Trinità Perugia****

The BlueBay Colle della Trinità Perugia**** hotel is located on top of Perugia’s most scenic hill and immersed in a protected centuries-old park, the Park of Trinity. This is a unique spot to find peace and benefit from an incomparable setting.

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Hotels in Italy

Tourists have been travelling to Italy for a slice of la dolce vita for centuries, thanks to its enticing mix of history, culture, cuisine and climate. From skiing the snow-capped mountains of the north, to exploring the historic cities of Rome and Venice, to soaking up the sun in one of Italy’s coastal destinations, there truly is something for everyone in La Bella Italia.

BlueBay is delighted to continue its international expansion with its new Italy hotel, the BlueBay Colle Della Umbria, situated just outside of Perugia, a short distance away from the beautiful region of Tuscany. Surrounded by stunning countryside, the BlueBay Colle Della Umbria offers a relaxing base from which to explore the area.

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Things to do in Italy

Whether you’re looking for a sun soaked beach stay or a city break steeped in history, Italy is the holiday destination for you.

A visit to Italy’s historic capital is highly recommended. With ancient ruins, art-filled galleries and ornate churches around every corner, as well as delicious food, it’s not surprising that a trip to Rome is on most people’s bucket list.

You’d be hard pushed to find another city as romantic as Venice, after all, it is known as the city of love. Get lost as you explore Venice’s winding alleyways and grand squares, intersected by canals and marvel at some of its best known architectural treasures, including the Rialto Bridge and St Mark’s Cathedral.

If shopping is your thing, head to Milan. One of the top fashion capitals of the world, Milan’s famous shopping street Via Monte Napoleone is a must-stop for those hoping to pick up some designer clothes, shoes and accessories.

If you’re after rest and relaxation, then the southern coastal region and islands of Sicily and Sardinia are for you. Boasting the very best climate of all of Italy and refreshing crystal clear waters, southern Italy is a sun seekers paradise.

Why not head away from the hustle and the bustle of the city and coastal regions and take a visit to the terracotta-topped villages of Italy’s central regions, Umbria and Tuscany. With Florence, Siena and Pisa all a part of Tuscany, it’s easy to see why it’s one of Italy’s most famous regions. The lesser known Umbria, which borders Tuscany to the west and north, benefits from a glorious landscape of rolling fertile lands. The BlueBay Colle Della Umbria, located just a few kilometers from Perugia, is an ideal BlueBay hotel for your trip.

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Weather in Italy

Although it is not a huge country, the weather in Italy can vary a great deal from region to region. From snow-capped mountains in the north to near year-round warmth in the south, as well as big differences between coastal and interior areas, where you visit will depend on the type of Italy holiday you’re looking for.

Italy shares its northern borders with France, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland and is dominated by the Alps, making it a popular skiing destination. In the lower regions out of the mountains, northern Italy tends to experience a continental climate with colder winters and hotter summers. Mid to high 20s can be expected in the summer.

The climate in more central areas tends to be a lot milder than the north. There is a small difference in temperature between the winter and summer, with a short and less intense cold season. Things can get very hot and humid in the cities, such as Rome, and inland areas, at the height of summer, but this is mitigated by sea breezes on the coast.

The south of Italy and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia enjoy the highest temperatures, most sunshine and the least rain, making it an ideal choice for sun seekers. On Sardinia, for example, temperatures can reach the mid 30s, so be sure to pack the sun cream!

Italy Facts

  • Italia means ‘calf land’, possibly because the bull was a symbol of the tribes of Southern Italy.
  • Tourism provides around 63% of Italy’s national income, with over 50 million tourists visiting each year.
  • The Vatican City is the only nation in the world that has the ability to lock its own gates.
  • The islands of Sardinia are famous for their witches, who create health potions for locals and speak a secret language that is passed down to their daughters.
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