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BelleVue Al Basmah Coral Resort

BelleVue Al Basmah Coral Resort***

BelleVue Al Basmah Coral Resort*** is located in the Mohammdia area, with very good connections to the rest of Jeddah, the most cosmopolitan city in the country, and its historical center.  This 3-Star resort has 16 Duplex Villas and 8 Chalets, all of which are fully furnished.

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BlueBay Makkah Grand Coral

BlueBay Makkah Grand Coral*****

The BlueBay Makkah Grand Corral***** Hotel has 160 rooms, 20 Junior Suites and 20 Palace Suites, all featuring 24-hour room service.  This hotel in Mecca has complete high-quality service.  It has a heliport, a business center and valet parking to provide the best service to the most select clientele.

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BelleVue Royal Amjad Al Salam

BelleVue Royal Amjad Al Salam****

The hotel BelleVue Royal Amjad Al Salam**** is a five minute walk from the Prophet\'s Mosque (Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi), right in the historical center of Medina. Therefore, the hotel is perfectly located, with an easy and quick access to the mosque and other attractions in the city.

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Book Hotels in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the jewels of the Middle East and is the perfect place for a break with a difference. BlueBay is proud to operate hotels in Saudi Arabia, a country boasting some of the holiest sites in all of Islam and a truly unique culture.

The BelleVue Royal Amjad Al Salam is one of the finest hotels in Medina and located roughly five minutes from The Prophet’s Mosque, the burial place of Muhammad and second holiest site after Mecca.

Hoteles en Arabia Saudí

Where is Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is located on the Arabian Peninsula and the only country in the area to have both a Red Sea and Persian Gulf coast. As the world’s largest oil exporter and sitting atop the second largest oil reserves, Saudi Arabia is a highly developed country. The Saudi Arabia tourism industry traditionally caters to Muslim pilgrims but the area has been continually growing with both leisure and business travelers visiting from around the world.

Hoteles en Arabia Saudí

Saudi Arabia Weather

The weather in Saudi Arabia is generally hot and falls in line with a desert climate. It is hot during the day and there is a significant temperature drop at night. In the average summer (May to August), daytime temperature is around 45C but it’s not uncommon for it to go above 50C. Night time temperatures generally hover around 10C but can go lower.

In the winter, the daytime temperature is generally around 30C and between 5-10C at night. The minimal rainfall in Saudi Arabia generally occurs during the months of October and March.

Saudi Arabia Facts

  • Saudi Arabia is the only country to have the Quran as its official constitution.
  • Modern Saudi Arabia was formed as a country in September 1932. The 23rd of September is the national day.
  • The Kingdom Tower, currently under construction in Jeddah, will be the tallest building in the world when complete at 1007m.

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