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The Grand Erg Oriental is an spectacular sight: an astonishing sand desert located less than 150 kilometres from Zarzis.

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Matmata: a small town where the local residents live in prehistoric crater-like structures surrounded by underground rooms. If you feel like seeing more historical places, the Byzantine archaeological site of Girghis is worth a visit. The region of Ksour, fortified towns and granaries where nomads used to store their harvests, is located 60 kilometres from Zarzis.

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Hoteles en Beirut

Although the deep desert is just 100 kilometres from Zarzis, the temperature here is not excessively high here due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.

In summer, temperatures can reach 40°C, while in spring and autumn they never go lower than 20°C. During winter, temperatures are not lower than 10°C due to the Mediterranean climate of the region.

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