BlueBay Hotels, presents BlueBay Clean & Care before the imminent reopening of the group’s hotels

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JUL 2024
JUL 2024


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BlueBay Hotels, presents BlueBay Clean & Care before the imminent reopening of the group’s hotels

The hotel chain has redefined its hygiene and cleaning protocols to ensure the highest standards of health protection and safety for its employees and customers.

The Chairman of BlueBay Hotels, Jamal Satli Iglesias, announces the protocols of the new BlueBay Clean & Care seal of quality that will intensify the cleaning, disinfection and hygiene procedures and measures to be applied in the group’s hotels to ensure that all customers and employees can enjoy and work in a safe COVID-Free environment.

BlueBay Clean & Care, which will be implemented in BlueBay’s hotels, both in Spain and in other destinations where the hotel group operates, has a clear roadmap:

Firstly, to define specific internal anti-COVID cleaning and disinfection protocols for all the hotels’ facilities. This will include ozone treatments with air purifiers to disinfect the rooms and other areas, using the most efficient chemical cleaning products (sodium hypochlorite 0.1%, hydrogen peroxide 0.5%, Ethanol 62-71%, etc.), restructuring and training staff in the cleaning departments, and providing employees and customers with all the protective material (gloves, masks and hydroalcoholic gels) recommended by the health authorities.

BlueBay Clean & Care also includes the redistribution of spaces in different parts of the hotels and adapting them to the new social distancing measures, of approximately two metres, by placing screens in the receptions, limiting the number of people in the elevators, bathrooms, kitchens and other closed spaces, placing disinfectant gel dispensers in all the public areas of the hotels and reorganising the buffet areas with à la carte services, allocating dining schedules and setting minimum distances between tables in the restaurants.

BlueBay Hotels Chairman, Jamal Satli Iglesias, said: “Our top priority is the safety of our employees and customers, and for BlueBay Hotels, launching this health safety initiative is the best and most effective response to stop the virus from spreading and keep our hotels 100% COVID-Free”.

BlueBay Hotels will prioritise the use of contactless technological solutions in its new protocols to reduce physical interaction between customers and employees by offering digital menus that can be accessed with QR codes in the restaurants, putting self check-in kiosks in the reception areas, installing RFID lock systems to avoid the need for keys and setting up voice control for certain features in the rooms.

The implementation of the standards set out in BlueBay Clean & Care will involve working intensively to train all employees, not only those in the Housekeeping and Cleaning Departments. All staff will have to know, apply, and adapt these new protocols and incorporate them into their personal and professional habits on a permanent basis. Ramón Hernández, the hotel group’s CEO, added: “The creation of a crisis management team made up of managers from different departments with a clear roadmap and the ability to react to the COVID-19 health contingency plan within the hotel’s facilities is another key element to raise awareness and train staff, and provide a safe environment for our customers and employees.”

And last but not least, BlueBay Hotels will also introduce a global communication campaign with all the measures, procedures, and recommendations in these new protocols, marking them physically in different areas of the hotel, virtually on the corporate website, internal TV channel and hotel app, and sharing the content and scope of BlueBay Clean & Care with its business partners, suppliers, customers and employees as a guarantee of maintaining its hotels COVID-Free areas.
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