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Pressroom Bluebay Hotels & Resorts

BlueBay Hotels recorded 89.2% of average occupancy between June and September, 16 points above national average

The average stay in this period reaches 6.52 days, which represents an increase of approximately 32% in comparison with the previous year and nearly 30 points above the industry average. In 2017, BlueBay Hotels has consolidated two key destinations: The Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands where the average occupancy between June and September reached 95.65% and 92.24% respectively.

BlueBay Hotels, the ninth hotel chain by international presence and the tenth major Spanish hotel company in number of rooms , recorded 89.2% of average occupancy between June and September in the 21 hotels the group owns in Spain, around 16 points above the hotel occupancy rate in Spain according to data by the Spanish Institute of Statistics (INE), which indicates an average for this indicator in this period of 73.53%.

In comparison with the 2016 summer season, BlueBay Hotels has improved the occupancy level in 5.2 points, although it is not included the Reding Croma by BlueBay hotel in Barcelona, which joined the company in 2017, the average occupancy for the summer season would have reached 90.14%, 6.1 points above than in the same period of the previous year and around 17 points above the industry average.

Concerning the overnight stays, BlueBay Hotels recorded an average stay of 6.52 days at the hotels of the group during the studied period, which represents an increase of around 32% in comparison with the year before. If we compare the group’s growth with the industry’s growth for the same period, according to the INE, the average increase of overnight stays at the BlueBay Hotels reaches 29.15 points above the estimate average increase by the INE.

“Data concerning BlueBay Hotels show an overnight stays increase and an increase in the number of customers choosing our hotels. However, our goal is to keep implementing initiatives to foster loyalty and keep attracting tourists for the years to come” - says Jamal Satli Iglesias, president of BlueBay Hotels.

The Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, the benchmark for tourism in the summer season

By regions, BlueBay Hotels has consolidated the increase recorded in previous years in both main summer destinations for the Spanish company itself and the industry in general terms: The Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.
The average occupancy of the twelve hotels BlueBay Hotels owns in the Balearic Islands reached 95.66% between June and September. This represents a difference around 9 points in comparison with the average occupancy recorded by the industry (86.9%), according to the data by the INE and more than a two-point increase in comparison with the Spanish company’s average for the same period of the previous year.

In the case of the Canary Islands, the three hotels that BlueBay Hotels owns in this destination recorded an average occupancy for the summer season of 92.24%, around 11 points above the industry’s average (81.65%) and 6 points above the average recorded for these hotels in 2016.

The United Kingdom and Germany, the main countries of origin

According to INE data, the United Kingdom and Germany were the two main markets for the studied period. This trend which is common in the Spanish tourist market for the last years is in line with the data recorded at the hotels of BlueBay Hotels. However, if from a general industry perspective French and Dutch tourists come in third and fourth place, this is not the case for BlueBay Hotels for which other markets are more relevant such as the Scandinavian countries and the Eastern Europe countries. The Scandinavian region is the third major market for hotels by BlueBay Hotels for the June-September period. It should be also noted the increase recorded for markets such as Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic.

“At BlueBay Hotels we look for the adaptation of our hotels to specific needs of every market of origin. Thus, for example, in the case of Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic, this year we adapted some aspects of our daily operation in our hotels, such as lunch times, menus series or animation to the specific demands of a customer profile coming from Eastern Europe” - explains Ramón Hernández, general director at BlueBay Hotels.

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