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DEC 2023


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Pressroom Bluebay Hotels & Resorts

The 10 luxury services in the hotels Le Royal Hotels & Resorts of the Middle East and North Africa

The Spanish chain BlueBay Hotels manages 5 stars luxury hotels Le Royal Hotels & Resorts for Jordan and Morocco where the luxury is considered to serve the most demanding tourists’ and business travelers’ requests. “To anticipate client’s needs, privacy and exclusiveness are the pillars of the 10 luxury services in the hotels Le Royal” says Jamal Satli Iglesias, president of BlueBay Hotels

The hotels Le Royal Hotels & Resorts located in the Middle East and North Africa consider the luxury as a way of making easier experiences “based on three pillars: customer’s needs forecast, privacy and exclusiveness”, Jamal Satli Iglesias explains, president of BlueBay Hotels, chain that has recently introduced several five stars hotels of the chain Le Royal Hotels & Resorts in the Middle East and North Africa. In the hotel industry, luxury has been traditionally recognized by the detailed attention and the introduction of the most innovative trends for its portfolio of services. “Although there are stable concepts, in BlueBay Hotels we are completely sure that providing upmarket exclusive services is basic to attract travelers to these destinations” Jamal Satli Iglesias states.


A client of a luxury hotel looks forward the surprise and that is why Royal Hotels & Resorts are constantly innovating in a way of offering new services which provide a stay full of experiences and unique feelings. “Our clients are looking forward extraordinary services, they want us to anticipate their needs and they even want us to solve some isolated questions although these questions seem to be eccentric.” Satli points out, who highlights the 10 pillars of the five stars luxury hotels Le Royal Hotels & Resorts located in the Middle East and North Africa:


1. Trendy and exclusively spaces where those who have already tried almost everything will be surprised: spacious gyms with innovative equipments, personal trainers, custom classes or activities which contribute to avoid stress and to promote relax, “we have introduced classes of yoga and SpeedFit. This last one, from the German technology, serves the clients’ request who do not have enough time to devote one completed class for a sport discipline, explains Jamal Satli Iglesias.

2. Spas are extraordinary facilities and of special dimensions, whether by business or by cultural tourism, clients know that an upmarket hotel must have a spa offering exclusive, effective and authentic therapies. However, a hotel offering luxury go further: in Le Royal Amman Hotel by BlueBay of Jordan the spa has more than 7,000 square meters in two floors where it offers exclusive therapies to satisfy the increasing client’s interest in order to enjoy effective and authentic spa experiences. These unusual and exclusive spaces have received international prestigious rewards, such as the spa with three floors and with 6,000 square meters located in Le Royal Beirut Hotel by BlueBay, recognized as Leading Spa Resort of the Lebanon by the World Travel Awards (2014).

3. There is always an eccentric detail which makes them unique and surprising, looking for providing to the traveler different experiences and emotions, the hotels Le Royal offer original spaces as an aquatic park inside the hotel, and as the Watergate of the hotel Le Royal Beirut Hotel by BlueBay in the Lebanon, a three floor shopping centre inside the building and a ballroom for around 2,000 people in Le Royal Amman Hotel by BlueBay of Jordan.

4. Ask me whatever you want! The purest Aladdin’s style, the most demanding requests are served with an astonishing normality, “we have to provide to our clients an unforgettable stay: the service of a luxury hotel has to be prepared to serve, at any time, our client’s requests, although they are particulars” declares Jamal Satli Iglesias.


5. Time to enjoy. These kind of hotels are ready to manage and offer free time of quality, The luxury hotels Le Royal have day care center services, kids club or professional and high qualified nannies who can take care of the children during the stay.


6. And a lot, a lot of space. Bedrooms and suites of up to 350 square meters in hotels as Le Royal Amman Hotel by BlueBay of Jordan constitute the authentic luxury. The simple rooms have more than 40 square meters in the hotels Le Royal located in The Middle East and North of Africa.


7. Extraordinary locations. A hotel Le Royal Hotels & Resorts is not located by chance. Their locations surprise because they may be on the beach and offer you private houses with independent accesses to the edge of the sea, such as those of the hotel Le Royal Hammamet Hotel by BlueBay of Tunisia, or they may be located in the center of the city with access to stores and cultural routes, as in Le Royal El Minzah Hotel by BlueBay, in Tangier.


8. The kitchen of the world will be exclusively for you. Gastronomy is always a main part of the traveler’s experience, and this is put into practice in the hotels of Le Royal Hotels & Resorts: Le Royal Hammamet Hotel by BlueBay of Tunisia offers up to 8 restaurants specialized in Italian, French and Arab kitchen at the higher level. In fact, the hotel Le Royal Beirut Hotel by BlueBay, received 15 awards (gold, silver, bronze) in the Lebanese Culinary Showroom Horeca (2015).


9. Innovative beauty treatments and adapted to the client’s needs. We do not have to disregard the beauty treatments which help us to improve our skin aspect or our circulation because we are far away from home. Le Royal Beirut Hotel by BlueBay, has introduced the Iyashi Dome, an innovative equipment that can benefit men and women since through the adjustment of programs, it eliminates toxins, helps the loss of weight and balances the body, all checked by high qualified professionals. On the other hand, the male public asks more and more for a customized attention and Le Royal Beirut Hotel by BlueBay, also offers treatments to eliminate toxins, massages and exfoliation specially focused on them.


10. Daily training. These hotels are always creating chances to revive the senses. Focused on providing unforgettable experiences, in their evening parties the clients can enjoy as of relaxing moments made pleasant with piano music, as of the funniest experiences with night barbecues by starlight.

In early 2016, BlueBay Hotels incorporated five stars hotels in the Middle East and North Africa such as: Le Royal Beirut Hotel by BlueBay and Le Royal Luxembourg Hotel by BlueBay (both belonging to The Leading Hotels of the World), Le Royal Amman Hotel by BlueBay, Le Royal El Minzah Hotel by BlueBay and Le Royal Hammamet Hotel by Bluebay.

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