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Joaquim Janer has been appointed Advisor to the Presidency

| 19/11/2015

RAMÓN HERNÁNDEZ, NEW CEO OF THE BLUEBAY GROUPThe BlueBay Group has appointed Ramón Hernández as a new CEO of the Company. The position that was held by Joaquim Janer, it will take over by Mr Hernández who was the general delegate in the Caribbean.

Ramón Hernández who is from Cáceres, Spain, has a degree in Economics and Law as well as a large tourist experience both on the national and international level. Ramón Hernández, who has been part of the BlueBay Group since 2010, has joined the general management in order to bring his expertise and knowledge in this new stage of international expansion.

Meanwhile, Joaquim Janer will occupy the post of advisor to the Presidency as well as Ambassador in the institutional events of the BlueBay Group.

 “I have personally recognised and thanked his professional and personal dedication to the Project we started together. I would like to mention that part of Mr Janer is Bluebay and a part of Blueybay is a reflection of Mr Janer”, stated Jamal Satli Iglesias, president of the Bluebay Group, expressing his gratitude to the former general director.

 “A new future of challenges is opening up before us in order to meet them we have made a series of changes. We all hope that we continue to grow and improve our new opportunities and challenges. Ramón Rodríguez as General Director of the Bluebay Group will address the future of the group needs to be focussed to the highest expectations” said Satli Iglesias who has always indicated that the most valuable asset that the Bluebay Group has is the intellectual capital of each of the members and the company’s management.

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