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Andean and Amazonian views

Andean and Amazonian views

In this city, in addition to having the opportunity to see the Amazon, you will also enjoy views of the Andes in the distance, surrounded by a magical and captivating nature and where you can try different outdoor activities. The ecotourism and the adventure tourism are the main activities in this area, so you can visit the Sumaco volcanoe and go hiking and trekking, and you can explore the Jumandy caves, where you can swim and climb rocks.
Rivers, water and rafting

Rivers, water and rafting

Another of the best-known activities in Tena is rafting, famous in this region since the rafting world championship took place here in 2005, and also kayaking, since you can make the most of the excellent conditions offered by the Amazon rivers, since they are wider and they have a more stable current than those in the Andes.
Puerto Misahuallí, where the rainforest begins

Puerto Misahuallí, where the rainforest begins

Misahuallí is a small but friendly place that always welcomes foreigners and tourists. It is also a famous natural river resort with white sand and located just 30 minutes from the city. This is a place where you can take a walk in the rainforest, explore the rivers on a canoe and enjoy a beautiful day on an Amazonian beach, a place where the local naughty and charming monkeys will be your tourist guides.
La Isla, Amazonian park

La Isla, Amazonian park

This park, called La Isla ("The Island") is an environmental interpretation centre which communicates the value of the forest and promotes the preservation of natural resources, a place where native vegetation is observed and different animal species are conserved and managed. This park is located within the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve, recognised by UNESCO.

"Llanganates" National Park

The word "Llaganates" means beautiful hills, a word used by the ancient inhabitants of the mountains, and these hills were considered a sacred place by the native people in the region of Rumiñahui and became the most important ceremonial centre for the Incas. This place is full of archaeological evidence and treasures, which has allowed us to discover the existence of ancestral cultures in South America.
The \

The "Guaysayacu" Blue Lagoon

This town, located an hour from Tena by vehicle, got involved in the community tourism service in 2011 in an organised manner, according to Sergio Chiguango Cerda, member of the "Laguna Azul" Community Tourism Association. Discovered in 1986, this place if full of the stories of the settlers that talk about its magical waters, as well as its natural pools and the formation of rapids in its rock slides. La Laguna Azul (The Blue Lagoon) is hidden in the thick Talag rainforest, and it was given this name by the locals due to its crystal-clear waters. This place belongs to the Alukus sector, located in the Llanganates National Park reserve, where the main attractions are two natural "pools" and structures made of gigantic rocks. This is a sacred place, since the ancestors made energy rituals here. Now these same rituals are offered both to locals or national or foreign tourists.

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Have fun in the water

Have fun in the water

Explore nature and take a dip in this beautiful and refreshing river beaches in Tena. You will find a wide range of options, such as the El Yani river resort, located by the Jatunyacu river, the La Soga river resort, located in the magical district of San Jorge, or the Inchillaqui river resort, just 25 minutes from the city of Tena, and where there is a cavern where you can relax.


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