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The Hotel Reding Croma is preparing for a new era with a repertoire of chromatic experiences for its guests

Stefan Janer: “We want our guests to live the colour in all their experiences.”

| 19/05/2017

The Hotel Reding Croma is preparing for a new era with a repertoire of chromatic experiences for its guestsBarcelona has been experiencing an unstoppable growth in tourism in recent years, making it the city that receives the most tourists in Spain and firmly positioning it as one of the top ten recommended cities to visit on popular travel platforms like TripAdvisor.


However, in the face of such exponential growth, competition prompts smaller hotels to innovate and transform into the pioneers of emerging trends that allow visitors to approach the city from new viewpoints, as it the case with the Hotel Reding Croma.


Located in the city centre of Barcelona, the boutique-hotel recently underwent a major makeover at a cost of €200,000 so that the 44 rooms show their colours differently, and now each floor in the building presents a different colour and message for the hotel’s guests.


“We’re betting on colour therapy, being the first and the only one of its kind in Spain,” says the Hotel Reding Croma manager, Stefan Janer, defending chromatics as the main selling point for the hotel’s customers. In fact, he mentions an anecdotal case when customers ask for a room in a particular colour, and if it’s not available they decide to wait until the can get it: “It’s exactly what we want to achieve, that our guests live the colour in all their experiences,” says Janer.


To make sure this multicoloured vision exerts its attractive pull, the hotel management is constantly preparing new ideas to immerse the guests in this philosophy. Examples of these include the themed menu based on the colours of the rooms, and also planning new routes for guests to discover the city around the range of colours chosen for the floor where they have their room.


“Our goal is to create a complete colour sequence: starting with the palate, and continuing on with first-hand experiences all over the city,” says Janer. He also mentions how challenging it is to create combinations of dishes with ingredients that convey sensations like freshness and warmth for both the sense of taste and sight.


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