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When talking about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we mean the desire to reconcile the Company's effort and competitiveness, integrating a commitment to social development, solidarity and improving the environment.

At BlueBay Hotels, we care about these values, reviewing our management policies, integrating sustainable development principles and implementing socially responsible behavior applied to different policy areas.

Clients | BLUEBAY Responsible for Quality

At BlueBay, we are committed to quality, excellence and customer satisfaction. In order to improve the quality of service, be sure to meet the expectations of our guests and ensure your complete satisfaction, the BlueBay Hotels Quality Management Program includes surveys and audit process conducted regularly both internally and through external companies.

Customer surveys. Through external companies, responsible for monthly surveys in each of the hotels, we have at our disposal the information and monthly assessment, with cumulative and annual average:

  • Comparison between the Actual Results vs. the Year's Objective and Deviation.
  • Segmented by each of the departments (Apartments / Restaurant / Bars / Animation / Maintenance / Kitchen / Reception).
  • Result of General Client Comments and Total Average.
  • Includes a monthly summary of customer feedback and a YTD.

Review Management.We work with a monitoring tool that communicates and updates on an ongoing basis, with all those information platforms, agencies and tour operators who publish surveys and customer ratings. At BlueBay Hotels, we care to maintain a permanent feedback, respond to our customers and inform the heads of departments.

Customer service. Both the customer service department at our headquarters and in each of our hotels are available to collect opinions and suggestions, in order to transmit and manage them efficiently.

Suppliers | BLUEBAY Ethically Responsible

We work and collaborate with leading industry suppliers that meet a code of ethics and respect for the environment. Be that meats, fish, fruit, toiletries, textiles... we strive to provide equal opportunities and encourage the purchase of local and national products, always under strict environmental control of raw materials. For each one of them and for the most important products, we ask for the appropriate technical specification. We ensure compliance with traceability records.

We care about energy saving by purchasing low-power light bulbs and using LED technology. The cleaning products we use are also of recognized brands such as Vileda, Proquimia, etc., companies committed to the environment and immersed in Quality Policy and Certifications recognized (ISO, AENOR ... ..).

Environment | BLUEBAY Means Green

At BlueBay Hotels, we work to contribute to sustainable development and protect the natural resources of our environment, from planning, design and construction of the hotels, to their daily functioning. We promote awareness, training and dissemination of good environmental practices among our guests, suppliers and employees. The goal is to instill a sense of energy and water savings. We have been successful in a way that this activity is carried into the homes of our employees.

We comply with the laws and regulations and environmental policies of each of the countries where we operate.

We have received the EarthCheck Certification, the only worldwide recognition for those developments that make an active effort to protect the environment.

Waste Reduction and Recycling. Our hotels are carrying out a program of separation and recycling of solid waste and used oil. Proper treatment of hazardous substances and waste by authorized companies.

Saving natural resources, water and energy.

  • Energy saving systems in rooms, with a magnetic switch that automatically turns off the power, and sensors for automatic shutdown of air conditioning systems in the case of open windows and terraces.
  • Monitoring of leakage control and efficient use of water and energy.
  • Installing toilets with savings system and low-flow toilets and saving system in the dumps.
  • Turning off lights, closing refrigerators or cold rooms to prevent leakage of energy in the kitchen and switching the grill plate off when not in use, in addition to ongoing maintenance of the burners of the stove to prevent further gas consumption. Repairing plumbing leaks and review of the pipe system.
  • In some of our hotels, seweges are being taking care of at treatment plants, where the residual solids are treated with polymers so that they are used as fertilizer on landscaped areas while water is used in the irrigation system.
  • Use of energy saving lamps, lighting using white light energy-saving bulbs and energy-saving LED systems.
  • Involvement of customers through energy saving recommendations respecting the established speed limits, use of biodegradable tanning materials and the proper use of towels.

Reduction of pollution and emissions of CO2. Maintaining equipment and work vehicles in good condition in order to minimize noise pollution and emissions to the atmosphere. Application of the use of biodegradable chemicals, thus avoiding chemical contamination of the environment.

Special treatments for flora and fauna. Our commitment is to contribute to our activities to improve environmental conditions in the regions and countries we operate in, identifying areas for improvement and working to develop effective solutions tailored to each environment.

  • The natural ecosystem balance is ensured by following a careful control of the water passages that, besides keeping with the water system, serves as a biological corridor for wildlife species.
  • Cultivation and regeneration of native flora of each region and country.
  • Conservation programs for plants, such as mangroves, and wildlife, such as sea turtles. The marine turtle protection project, implemented by the Bellevue Beach Paradise hotel in Cancun, has earned it the prize Zofemat (Federal Maritime and Terrestrial Zone) for preserving biodiversity.

Employees | BLUEBAY Responsible for Equality

At BlueBay Hotels, we bet on people. We believe and work for them. We know that the foundation of our company is its human capital. This is why measures are taken to ensure the motivation and involvement of our employees.

Our system of recruitment, hiring, compensation, professional development, participation,... ensures equal opportunities and non discrimination. We comply with legislation relating to the integration of disabled people. We ensure the basic measures of health, safety and risk prevention, in addition to implementing the measures necessary to ensure good working atmosphere. We provide tools that foster transparent and bidirectional communication.

Society | BLUEBAY Responsible for People

At BlueBay Hotels, we aid and encourage social proposals to integrate the individual in their environment.

  • As a source of employment for nearby communities.
  • Collaborating on projects for social integration.
  • Providing training to local schools with educational programs teaching respect for the environment.
  • Maintaining and enhancing cultural heritage through activities and workshops.
  • Adapting our facilities and services for both disabled employees and to serve customers with special needs.