Beach Office: 7 reasons to change your sofa for sun, sand and sea.

The world of work has changed in recent years, but it would not be until 2020 that the transition to remote work, without offices, cubicles or desks, became more than a pleasure, a necessity.

However, the daily routine of going from bed, to the sofa and then to the desk, has ended up being a bit tedious. So, why not take advantage of the benefits that doing Home – Office offers us? One of them, and the most important, is that it is not necessary to be in the same place to carry out day-to-day work.

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In 2019, the so-called digital nomads would be a trend, creating the pillars for what is now, a reality for many more.

That is why various tropical destinations have been given the task of adapting to the needs of this new market, offering different benefits, such as high speed internet, unlimited printing and more while enjoying a delicious drink with an unbeatable view.



The Mexican Caribbean has been one of the most frequented destinations by those travelers who seek to turn this tropical paradise into their home-office for a long time, which is not surprising: The beautiful turquoise waters, amazing cenotes and an exceptional vibe in its people, it has managed to conquer the hearts of those who have visited its incomparable landscapes.

Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel is one of the hotels that have best adapted to this new era, offering, among many other benefits:

  • Preferential rates,
  • High speed internet
  • Printing and scanner available
  • Free room service
  • First class service

And the most important, facilities that will make you forget that you are in the middle of the workday.




This Adults Only hotel, located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, has stood out for making its facilities a true paradise to work in, as well as offering stations with excellent lighting and first-rate gastronomy.

The calm provided by its gardens and the exclusivity of each of its rooms provide spaces that allow you to carry out from a report to a meeting by Zoom without interruptions and then, take a dip in their pools or enjoy the beach while taking a well-deserved rest.

BlueDiamond-Pool Deck_small


If you are still not convinced, here are seven reasons why it is time to change your pajamas for a swimsuit and start doing Beach Office.

1. Recharge your battery daily

And we are not talking about your computer. Recharge yourself every morning with the spectacular sunrises in the Caribbean Sea and exercise by running along the beach. Or, if you are one of those who enjoy going to the gym, Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel has first class facilities, with equipment KINESIS and pool to perform Watsu. You can also take advantage of the Yoga classes available in their Spa and then have an energizing juice on the loungers before starting the workday.

2. Fresh coffee every morning

To wake up to life what´s better than a freshly ground coffee?  Forget the cold coffee from the day before and enjoy a hot cup freshly made with one of the best coffees in the region while admiring the Caribbean Sea.  What else could you ask for?



3. Goodbye to connection problems

Was the connection lost while you were presenting your results at the last meeting? Don’t worry! The high-speed internet that the resort will provide will cover all your connection needs.






4. A new office every day

If you had enough of the sofa you can move to the main pool where you can finish those reports overlooking the sea. Enjoy the freshly baked bread and some juice while you are there.




Another option is to go out to the terrace of your suite and listen to the singing of the birds, or if you have decided to move your office to a room facing the sea, nothing better than to enjoy the view and the rays of the sun. It’s up to you!




5. Increase your productivity

One of the main problems while doing Home Office, are the constant interruptions due to situations beyond our control. Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel provides you with the tranquility you need to focus on your daily tasks, avoiding distractions like that small table that you are thinking of repainting or cleaning the kitchen for the third time in the day.




And why not lie down on a Balinese bed and admire the beauty of the Caribbean Sea when you need a little break? That is definitely a great benefit of the Beach Office, without a doubt.

6. Expand your network of contacts

Visit the restaurants and bars in the resort and meet people who, like you, have also decided to change the hustle and bustle of the city for the calm of the sea. You may find your next partner for that new business you’ve been planning for months while enjoying a Mai Tai in front of the pool.

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7. Relax at the end of the day as you always dreamed of

Take advantage of everything this Grand Luxury resort has for you. Do not forget that they have a temazcal to detoxify and feel like new, massages that combine ancient wisdom with Asian techniques, a facial to relieve stress … in this sanctuary of relaxation the options are endless. You can also participate in the wine tastings and a day of golf after a hard week of work, or just relax with the view of the nature from your room.



We assure you that after knowing everything that the new Beach Office work modality has for you, nothing will be the same again. What are you waiting for to book your stay?

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