Xtabay and Utz-Colel: The Mayan legend of the duality between good and evil

In the splendor of the Riviera Maya, where turquoise waters caress white sandy beaches and ancient ruins whisper age-old tales, there’s the legend of Xtabay and Utz-Colel. This timeless tale represents the duality of humanity and harmoniously merges with the magic that defines this region.

The Riviera Maya is a destination where reality and legend magically blend. Its coral reefs, underground caves, and the breeze that rustles the trees seem to recount past stories, including the legend of Xtabay and Utz-Colel.

Xtabay, the embodiment of kindness and compassion, captivated everyone with her generosity and selfless love. Her beauty was like a beacon in the jungle, attracting those in need of help and comfort. However, her passionate heart also made her the subject of gossip and rumors.

Utz-Colel, her sister, was a striking contrast. Surrounded by emotional thorns, her cold and distant heart made her incapable of feeling kindness and empathy. She relished in others’ misery, and her jealousy toward Xtabay poisoned her soul.

The legend tells of how, one day, Xtabay disappeared from the village, leaving everyone intrigued. The air was filled with an intoxicating aroma that guided the community to her home, where they discovered her sad fate. Xtabay had passed away surrounded by the animals she loved so much. White flowers called Xtabentún sprouted from her grave, giving rise to the nectar used to create the traditional Yucatán liquor.

Meanwhile, Utz-Colel couldn’t bear the attention Xtabay received and deeply envied her life. Her grave emitted a foul smell upon her death, marking her dark fate. A flower named Tzacam, a thorny cactus, emerged, thus reminding of Utz-Colel’s cruelty even after her departure.

The Riviera Maya, with its spectacular natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, offers a unique experience where the legend of Xtabay and Utz-Colel comes to life. As you explore this region, you can feel how the duality of the legend is present in nature and every experience the traveler encounters.

Now, let’s imagine a place where the magic of these legends merges with the exceptional hospitality of its people. Whether at BlueBay Grand Esmeralda or Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel, you will experience a charming and tranquil experience where stories become a part of your heart.

In this exquisite destination, legends come alive, and the duality of human nature is reflected in the beauty of the jungle and the charm of the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in this world of myths and realities, and discover how ancient secrets intertwine with modernity in this paradise on Earth. Do you dare to explore the magic that awaits in the Riviera Maya?

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