Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Resort: A precursor to today’s architectural trends

Hotel and home architectural trends reflect the world we live in and are evolving to adapt to users’ preferences and current trends. We have seen a surge in recent years in the number of people looking for open spaces, being close to nature, and a peaceful setting to live or spend the night.

An abundance of light is also increasingly valued by homeowners and interior designers alike, and is incorporated into in both new and renovated buildings by using top-quality materials to insulate against temperature changes.

Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular as a result of increased awareness of our personal and general well-being in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic is the development of responsible urban planning that avoids damaging the environment and local flora and fauna as much as possible.

Green mapping is another term coined by the tourism and real estate industries to describe the search for sustainable investments and travel plans.

Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel, an all-inclusive luxury resort in the Riviera Maya, is a clear example of this, having laid the groundwork for this trend since its inception.

The luxury resort, designed for the most discerning and conscientious travellers, was created on the premise of valuing Yucatan’s cultural diversity.

Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel
Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel

The hotel was also built around waterways, a private cenote and lush mangroves, which serve as a natural setting for its suites – all carefully designed with materials that favour the comfort, natural light and relaxation of its guests.

This current architectural trend also seeks to instil a sense of complete well-being in guests, as evidenced by the resort’s focus on wellness treatments, the spa with relaxing water circuits and the private pools and large outdoor bathtubs, available in the suites’ gardens or courtyards.

Art and reflection

People are becoming more aware of the significance of their trips, the contributions they can make to the local economy and other factors such as the use of sustainable and local products and services, which align with architectural trends.

In other words, a more reflective attitude both inwardly and outwardly that demands more time for peace and quiet in everyday life.

Patio artístico exterior.
Patio artístico exterior.

This is something we have also accomplished at Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Resort through an artistic tour of the 8 courtyards inspired by traditional elements of Eastern and Mayan culture, in which natural elements such as water and nature play an important role.

Other activities that allow guests to reconnect with themselves include leisurely strolling through the resort, enjoying unique experiences such as a refreshing dip in the cenote or the Temazcal ritual.


Exceptionally beautiful surroundings

Playa del Carmen is home to the Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Resort. A 5-star resort with stunning landscapes located between the cities of Tulum and Cancún, making it the ideal place to explore the entire area.

Another draw is the Tulum and Chichen Itza archaeological sites, which provide a more comprehensive historical aspect to your trip.

Ruinas de Tulum
Ruinas de Tulum

Trips full of hurriedness, noise and tiptoeing through destinations, as you can see, are now a thing of the past. Choose a resort like Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel, which is modern and committed to the world around us, and you will see the world in a new light.

To get to know much more about the resort please visit its website:

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