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To sample Mexican food. Everyone loves tacos and guacamole…right? Going to Mexico is the best opportunity to sample your favourite dishes and even try some things that you have never heard of before. Our recommendation is having dinner at Don Isi restaurant in BlueBay Grand Esmeralda Hotel, in Riviera Maya, where you can try the finest local ingredients. Getting there …

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Gazpachuelo is a delicacy and it is very easy to make. For centuries, this dish was prepared by fishermen of Malaga as a hot soup that could “resurrect the dead.” …

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  The hotel Blue Diamond***** GL Riviera Maya by BlueBay has 128 rooms and suites located in modern single and two-storey villas. The resort blends perfectly with its surroundings, creating …

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Aquí estamos de nuevo. Tras un breve descanso, en el que hemos aprovechado para recargar energías y recabar información, ideas y novedades, comenzamos esta nueva etapa en la que queremos …

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